Clarity Feather DAC + Impact Dura

Get a special deal on our Clarity Feather DAC + our Impact Dura IEMs! 

CEA / JAS Certified Hi-Resolution Response!

Hi-Res audio is to MP3 Audio as Ultra 4K TVs are to Standard Definition. Just like HD revolutionized video, Hi-Res will revolutionize the world of audio.

The Impact Dura and the Feather DAC are great products by themselves, but together the are a force to be reckoned with.

Maximize your music regardless of source.
Whether you're listening DSD audio files, or streaming music from Spotify or Youtube...All audio sounds better with the Feather Mobile DAC.

*iPhone users will need an extra Lightning USB Camera Adapter to connect the Feather.

*OTG cable/ Lightning USB Camera Adapter/ Travel Cases are not included in the current package.

    • Mobile Ready Form Factor made for the iPhone!
    • Native DSD 256 & PCM 192KHz/24bit Decoding
    • Headphone Amp w/ DirectDrive Technology to limit distortion at all decibel levels
    • Audiophile Grade Construction featuring a XMOS DAC, Cirrus Logic board and PCB production
    • Asynchronous Clock to reduce timing inaccuracies ensuring accurate conversion of digital signals into analog waveforms

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