Sound Quality - The Demand

Ever since portable music players and smart phones exploded in popularity, the demand for higher sound quality have been drastically increasing. To many audio product companies, the challenge has always been to increase audio definition from both the device or the headphones, in order to reproduce the clean authentic sound like how it was originally recorded.

Active DSP - The Advancements

Active DSP (Digital signal processing) refers to the technologies used to improve the audio signal coming from an active audio source, such as MP3 players or your smart phones.

companies like DTS have been promoting higher industry standards, and high quality DACs (digital-to-analog converters) have very impressive effects on enriching audio qualities coming from an active source.

Passive DSP - The Challenges

Here's the challenge. Earphones are generally passive parts that is supposed to analogically fully respond to the signal coming from the active audio device. To that end, earphone manufactures have employed many different approaches, such as new and advanced materials, finer quality wires, or even multiple drivers in the earphones. These approaches all have two problems. For one, they come with a lot of cost. Secondly and most importantly, they do not address the issue of Harmonic Interference.

When waves are produced (including sound waves), they also come with what's called "harmonics"(think of them as echos). This means that a low bass sound will also unwantedly come back as noise at higher frequencies, interfering with other sounds that are supposed to be heard at higher frequency such as vocals or other instruments.

Forte's HIF Technology - The Solution

Forte's proprietary HIF (Harmonic Interference-Free) Technology is the result of an advanced signal processing research. HIF Technology is in short a mathematical way to improve sound quality and performance. As mentioned above, a lot of the unwanted noise in earphones come from harmonics generated by the sound being played itself, so even with better material or multiple drivers that increases costs, harmonic interference still exists.

Since HIF Technology depends only on fundamental physics and math to reduce and eliminate Harmonic Interference, implemented by building calculations into the signal processing mechanics, Forte is able to provide one of the clearest and uncontaminated earphone sounds at no additional cost to the consumer.

(simplified visualization of actual data)


Harmonic Interference is the most critical noise in earphone sounds. When Harmonic Interference is reduced, not only do we get clearer sounds, it also allows us push more power out of the earphone without worrying about generating more noise, which means you can reach equal loudness using lower volume on your device, and thus saving precious battery life on portable devices and phones!

In conclusion, HIF technology allows us to really strengthen specific frequency points on the spectrum without noise interference, enhance impact, and ultimately provide a better, clearer listening experience!