Current Products

The Cyberdrive team is dedicated to spreading Hi-Res Audio as a standard. From Fall 2015 forward all of our products are certified Hi-Res by the Japanese Audio Society.


  • Forte Impact, made from High-Grade Aluminum which pack a punch in every beat
  • Forte Clarity, made from Sustainable Sapele Wood which provides a softer resonance and pure vocals.
Both our IEMs come with your choice of drivers:
  • Choose Soprano for a more pure 'Audiophile' listening experience.
  • Choose Bass for a punchy, but not overwhelming boost in the lows and mids.

Future Developments

Our knowledge for audio technologies doesn't apply only to headphones. We exist for any audio that makes your world go round--whether it’s your headphones on the train, your portable speakers at the kickback, or the lossless music player on your morning jog.

Launching Soon:

  • Portable and Desktop Digital to Analog Converters (DACs) 
  • Hi-Res Music Players

In the not so distant future

  • Portable & Home Speakers
  • HD / 4K Portable Media Players
  • Over the Ear Headphones

Other Business Services


For potential business partners, we could offer OEM service for your brand, or ODM service to implement our technologies to your product needs, and work together with you to build a wide range of world class audio products.

We're also open to discuss any distribution or promotion partnerships.

For any business inquiries, please fill out our contact form.