Our Mission

As music lovers ourselves, we live to innovate and engineer higher quality audio for those like us. We understand the pain of being charged excessively high prices for earphones just to cover their crazy marketing costs, or having to save up a couple hundred dollars just to get an actually decent pair of earphones.

We believe better audio should be affordable for everyone, and we are committed to shatter the status quo and help the world rediscover sound.
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Our Technology

Every invention starts with an enthusiast. When a scientist worked tirelessly beyond the scope of his conservation research into the math and physics of signal processing, we call that enthusiasm.

Originally aimed to extract the authentic, interference-free sound of animals in their natural environments, this research has since evolved into our proprietary HIF Technology, implemented in all Forte earphones to give you the crispiest and cleanest sound in its original form.
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Our Earphones

In addition to our HIF Technology, we developed innovative production methods that allows us to tune each line of our earphones very differently.

We believe that whether you are a EDM-lover, enjoys acoustic songs, or listens to all sorts of music everyday, you'll be able to find a great fit from the range of products we offer.
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