Clarity Aura DAC

CEA / JAS Certified Hi-Resolution Response!

Hi-Res audio is to MP3 Audio as Ultra 4K TVs are to Standard Definition. Just like HD revolutionized video, Hi-Res will revolutionize the world of audio.

Made with a durable enclosure.
Perfect for the Audiophile on-the-go.

Maximize your music regardless of source.
Whether you're listening DSD audio files, or streaming music from Spotify or Youtube...All audio sounds better with the Aura Mobile DAC.

*iPhone users will need an extra Lightning USB Camera Adapter to connect to the Feather device.

*Headphones/ OTG cable/ Lightning USB Camera Adapter/ Travel Cases are not included in the current package.

*Current color option is only Pearl White for Aura. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    • Mobile Ready Form Factor with analog volume control
    • Native DSD 256 & PCM 192KHz/24bit Decoding
    • Headphone Amp w/ DirectDrive Technology to limit distortion at all decibel levels
    • Audiophile Grade Construction featuring a XMOS DAC, Cirrus Logic board and PCB production
    • Asynchronous Clock to reduce timing inaccuracies ensuring accurate conversion of digital signals into analog waveforms

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